Woman Lost 186 Pounds And Is Desperate To Remove ‘Apron’ Of Excess Skin

Greatness can only be achieved by doing drastic changes, and Kayla Butcher, a young woman from Canada is a true example of it. This woman went to extreme measures and managed to lose 186 pounds, but the process left a lot of excess skin on her body. She calls the excess skin an “apron” and considers her “toxic” eating habits the main cause for her obesity.

Kayla says that her and her siblings didn’t know when to stop eating. She was engaged in different physical activities during her young age, but she managed to lose all the extra weight even with the poor dietary habits. When she was 14, Kayla was diagnosed with depression. Food became her only escape from the depressing thoughts, and things got worse two years later. Kayla moved to another city for college and rapidly gained weight, which prevented her from playing softball, her favorite sport. She lost her boyfriend as well and failed a couple of courses, resulting in dropping out of college. Tired of everything that’s going on, Kayla decided to go through a 13-month pre-operation program in order to get into a government-funded gastric bypass program.


The program needs detailed proof that the person involved could follow a diet, so Kayla recorded everything she ate and drank in a journal which proved that she really wanted to change. In February 2016, she underwent the surgery that changed her life. The gastric bypass surgery has been covered by the Canadian government, but the program didn’t cover the correction of the excess skin. The “apron” needs to be removed with a cosmetic surgery which costs $20 000, money which Kayla doesn’t have.


In order to gather the required funds, Kayla set up a GoFundMe campaigns. She hopes that her journey will be inspiring to many people who will donate so she can look normal again.“I want to be full of life and not watch it pass me by. A positive outlook can make all the difference,” Kayla says.

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