Toxic Teeth: How Root Canal Procedure Dramatically Increase Your Risk of Chronic Disease

This is one of the dental procedures that is considered to be the safest, but root canals can actually be very dangerous.

People in the USA do thousands of root canals every day. Over 25 million are done every single year! Dentists usually perform these procedures without talking about the serious health problems they can cause.

Although there are no data whether this procedure is safe, still the American Dental Association claims they are proven safe. According to Dr. Price and Dr. Meinig, they researched this procedure among others.

Dr. Meinig working to complete Dr. Price’s work spent well over 2 years intensely studying Dr. Price’s research continuing on to publish a book known as “Root Canal Cover-Up”.

Here are only some of the diseases found to be linked with root canals:

  • Neurological disease
  • Heart disease
  • Joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney disease
  • Autoimmune disease

Some researchers even claim that there is a connection between root canals and cancer, especially breast cancer. According to Dr. Robert Jones, at least 93% of women with breast cancer have actually had root canals.

Never risk your health to preserve your tooth! In order to protect yourselves from the potential dangers of root canals, take a look at these videos!


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