Say Goodbye To Your Glasses And Improve Your Sight With This Powerful Recipe !

n the 60s a well-known Russian medical professional and surgeon Vladimir Petrovich Filatov said to his clients to make an alternative medicine mix and begin using it besides the regular medical treatment, in order to enhance their vision and prevent additional loss of sight. After discovering the recipe, individuals began using it enormously and they were stunned from the outcomes!

You require:

100 gr. Aloe juice (aloe arborescens).
500 gr. crushed walnuts.
300 gr. honey.
Juice from 3-4 lemons.

In the beginning you should make the aloe vera juice. Remove the upper, lower and middle leaves, leaving the top of the plant and the last 3-4 leaves unblemished. Wash them in cooled boiled water, remove the spikes and slice them in small pieces. Strain the juice through a double gauze.

Academic Filatov recommended that the leaves should not be chopped right away, but should be left on a plate and kept in the fridge for 10-12 days. In that way the aloe can form the so-called “biogen stimulators”, which awaken the activity of aloe cells. After that, clean the leaves and continue the procedure.From these leaves you can prepare and acquire the aloe juice.

– Take one spoon from the mix 3 times a day, half an hour prior to meals. It’s consumed up until your vision is improved. Besides, this drink is a vitamin bomb– it enhances the entire organism.

Crucial Pointer:.

You ought to know that aloe juice suggested for individuals who struggle with from acute kidney disease, intestinal tract concerns, the last trimester of pregnancy, inflammation in the female reproductive organs, cardiovascular concerns in the stage of tuberculosis and piles.



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