What Is the Normal Pressure for Your Age?

High blood pressure or high pressure is one of the most typical health issue, affecting a multitude of individuals.

Most of the times, there are no particular symptoms for this condition, but however, some people can experience headaches, vomiting, dizziness, short breaths, blurred vision and queasiness.

If you do not treat hypertension on time, it can lead to more serious health concerns consisting of memory loss, cardiovascular disease, heart problems, stroke, atherosclerosis, and kidney damage.

The pressure modifies during the day due to lots of aspects including genes, gender, age, and so on. Inning accordance with the medical professionals, these worths are related to normal pressure:

In men, by age:

To 20 years old 123/76

20-30 years 126/79

30-40 years 129/81

40-50 years 135/83

50-60 years 142/85

Over 70 years 142/80

In ladies, by age:

To 20 years old 116/72

20-30 years 120/75

30-40 years 137/84

40-50 years 137/84

50-60 years 144/85

Over 70 years 159/85

View this video on exactly what high blood pressure numbers imply:


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