New Urgent Warning to All Cell Phone Users: The Worst Place to Store Your Cell Phone

New Urgent Warning to All Cell Phone Users: The Worst Place to Store Your Cell Phone

She is an author of “Disconnect — The truth about cell phone radiation.” For many years, she has been studying the radiation emitted from the cell phone.

Just like many of you, Dr. Davis did not want to believe that the cell phones that we use every day actually can be dangerous for us.

But, when she started studying it, she understood that cell phone radiation is not only dangerous, but can be downright lethal and she is trying to get the word out, having toxicological and epidemiological evidence to back up her claims.

She explains that the biological impact of the cell phone is not because of its power, but due to the erratic nature of its signal as well as ability to interfere with DNA repair and disrupt resonance.

Can Your Cell Phone Cause Cancer?

We have an interesting case which can serve as a warning to the cancer-causing properties of cell phones. The Environmental Health Trust’s newsletter revealed that a woman with no predisposing risk factors for cancer came down with multi-focal breast cancer which appeared as a result of her habit.

She tended to tuck her cell phone into her bra. According to two cancer specialists, there was only one factor that directly contributed to the development of her breast cancer. They connected the pattern of cancer as well as the development of the cancerous cells and the results lined up perfectly with the shape of her cell phone.

So, it is strongly recommended not to carry your phone anywhere on your body. Remember that the most dangerous place to be (radiation exposure) is within 6 inches of the emitting antenna.

Why Carrying Your Cell Phone on Your Body is a Bad Idea…

A 2009 study showed that wearing a cell phone on your hip can weaken an area of the pelvis. Researchers measured pelvic bone density in 150 men who constantly carried their cell phones attached to their belts by using an X-ray technique used in the diagnosis and monitoring of people who suffer from osteoporosis.

The man had used cell phones for an average of 6 years and carried their phones for an average of 15 hours a day. The researchers claimed that people had lowered density on the side of the pelvis where they carried the mobile phones, increasing the risk that bone density could be affected by the electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones.

In other words, as long as your cell phone is one, it emits radiation, even when you are not using it. So, by attaching a cell phone on your hip and wearing it for 15 hours a day, you are giving that body area continuous radiation exposure.

According to other studies, cell phone radiation may affect sperm count of men, the motility and quality of their sperm.

PLoS One published a study which showed that RF-EMR in frequency range and power density of mobile phones can enhance mitochondrial reactive oxygen species generation by human spermatozoa, reducing the vitality and motility of these cells while at the same time stimulating DNA base adduct formation and DNA fragmentation.

So, men need to avoid carrying their cell phones on the belt or in the pocket, in close proximity to their reproductive organs. Moreover, there are a number of sensitive organs in that area such as bladder, liver, kidneys, and colon – all of which are prone to radiation.

Recent Evidence Identifies Strong Cell Phone Cancer Link

An Israeli research group claimed an increase in the incidence of parotid gland tumors over the last 30 years. The parotid gland located closest to the cheek – the area where people typically hold the cell phones.

That same year, Dr. Siegal Sadetzki, the principal investigator of a 2008 study, testified at a U.S. Senate Hearing that cell phones were greatly contributing to salivary gland tumors. According to the report, the risk of developing a parotid tumor on the same side of the head that you use for talking on the mobile phone increases by:

  • 34% if you have used mobile phone for 5 years and are a regular user
  • 58% if you had over 5,500 calls in your lifetime
  • 49% if you have talked on the phone over 266.3 hours in your lifetime

World Health Organizaion Classifies Cell Phone Radiation as Class B Carcinogen

It is estimated that there are 5.9 billion cell phone subscriptions globally, (87% of the world population)! Even though many people do not consider this as a serious problem, many researchers are trying to warn them about technology and the serious biological side effects it can cause. The good thing is that their warnings are beginning to be heard.

According to a study conducted by The World Health Organization/ International Agency for Research on Cancer, cell phones can cause cancer and the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are definitely considered as carcinogenic to humans.

The conclusion of the researchers was that there is definitely some risk, so we should keep a close watch for a relation between cell phones and cancer risk. Further research needs to be done, but however it is very important to take pragmatic measure in order to reduce exposure to texting or hands-free devices.

Children are at Greatest Risk—Including While in Utero

Unfortunately, children and teens are at highest risk – both for brain tumors and parotid gland tumors. They have thinner skull bones which allow deeper penetration of cell phone radiation that can enters into their midbrain.

Moreover, the cells of children reproduce more quickly, which means that they are more prone to aggressive cell growth. Professor Lennart Hardell from Sweden claims that individuals who started regularly using cell phones as teenagers have 4-5 times more brain cancer as young adults.

The image below, used with permission from the book Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution, shows the difference in depth of penetration between young children and adults.


Pregnant women are also strongly recommended to avoid cell phones as much as possible. A 2008 study conducted on 13,000 children showed that exposure to cell phones while in the womb, and during childhood was related to behavioral difficulties.

Using handsets 2-3 times a day during pregnancy was enough to increase the risk of their babies developing difficulties with emotions, relationships, conduct, and developing hyperactivity by the time when they start going to school. Children who also used the phones before the age of seven are put at a greater risk.

According to the study, pregnant women who used mobile phones were 54% more likely to have children with behavioral problems. When the children started using cell phones, they were:

  • 25% more at risk from emotional problems
  • 80% more likely to experience behavioral difficulties
  • 49% more prone to problems with conduct
  • 35% more likely to be hyperactive
  • 34 percent more likely to suffer from difficulties relating to their peers

Experts Adamantly Claim Harmful Effects are Now Provable

The experts believe that cell phones and similar devices can cause not only cancer, but also cause many other conditions, including depression, diabetes, heart problems, and impaired fertility. The researchers manage to explain how electromagnetic fields can damage your DNA and impact your cells.

Dr. Martin Blank explained why your DNA is particularly vulnerable to electromagnetic fields of all types. DNA has two structural characteristics of fractal antennas: self-symmetry and electronic conduction. These two contribute to higher reactivity of DNA to electromagnetic fields compared to other tissues.

Dr. Blank claims that there is evidence of harm, harm that can be very serious. A study showed a 40% increased risk of brain cancer from 1,640 or more hours of cell phone use while another Swedish study showed a 540% increased risk of brain cancer from 2,000 hours of cell phone use.

My Top Tips for Cell Phone Safety

We should consider the fact that telecommunication industry is much larger than the medical industry, meaning that they will attempt to discredit the researchers who publish studies against cell phones.

It is very important to be aware of the fact that there is already scientific evidence claiming that cell phones as well as other wireless devices put your health at significant risk. Even though many of the findings are not publicized, you should immediately take an action in order to protect yourself and your children.

Here we have some suggestions how to minimize your exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices:

  • Children Should Avoid Using Cell Phones at All Costs

Considering the fact that they are life-threatening, children are strongly recommended not to use a cell phone, or any other wireless device

  • Reduce Your Cell Phone Use

Make sure to turn your cell phone off as much as possible. Use it only for important matters or emergencies. When your cell phone is on, it emits radiation intermittently. If you’re pregnant, it is very important to avoid or reduce using your cell phone.

  • Reduce or Eliminate Your Use of Other Wireless Devices

Try to reduce or completely avoid the use of these devices. It is very important not to have electronic or wireless devices in your bedroom, because they can interfere with your sleep quality.

If you have a need to have a portable home phone, make sure to use the older type that operates at 900 MHz.Also, you should be very careful with the base station placement which can transmit signals 24/7, even when you are not talking.

Make sure to keep the base station 3 rooms away from your living room and bedroom. Another alternative is to turn the portable phone off, and only use it when you have the need to move while on a call. It would be ideal to turn off the base station every night before going to sleep.

  • Use Your Cell Phone Only Where Reception is Good\

If the reception is weaker, your phone must use more power in order to transmit. The more power your phone uses, the more radiation it emits, and the dangerous radio waves penetrate deeper into your body. So, it is recommended to use your phone with good reception and full bars.

  • Avoid Carrying Your Phone on Your Body

Carrying your phone on the body maximizes any potential exposure. So, the best thing you can do is to put your phone in a purse or carrying bag.

  • Don’t Assume One Cell Phone is Safer than Another

You should know that there is not a “safe” cell phone. This refers to the industry that promotes SAR rating, which are useless in measuring the true potential biological danger. SAR measures heat transfer, but most of the damage is not done by heat transfer.

  • Respect Others Who are More Sensitive

There are some people who have become sensitive and can feel the effects of other cell phones in the same room. So, if you are in a doctor’s office, meeting, courtroom, public transportation, or other public places, make sure to turn off your phone because of the ‘second hand radiation’ effects.

Children also belong to the vulnerable group, so it is very important not to use your cell phone while being near them.

You may be using the Pong case, which successfully lowers the SAR effect and redirects the radiation away from the head, but consider the fact that this may be intensifying the radiation in another direction, for example the person next to you. So, the best thing you should do is to turn off your phone except for emergencies.

  • Use Safer Headset Technology

Wired headsets are known for allowing you to keep your cell phone farther away from the body. If not well-shielded, the wired headset can act as an antenna, thus attracting ambient radio waves and transmitting radiation to your brain.

We recommend you to combine shielded wire and air-tube headset because they operate as a stethoscope, transmitting the information to your head like an actual sound wave!