Dye your hair naturally: these recipes will make your hair perfect!

Science shows that nearly 65 percent of women dye their hair, so the chances are you have experienced the hair dyes found at any drug stores. The problem with over-the-counter hair dyes is that they are packed with chemicals which are extremely detrimental to your health. According to The National Cancer Institute, there are over 5,000 chemicals used in hair dye products, most of which are carcinogenic and associated with ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, and leukemia. So, what`s the alternative?

7 Ways to Dye your Hair Naturally

  • Coffee

Coffee works wonders for going darker, making your hair chocolate-like and undamaged. All you have to do is to make a strong coffee and allow it to cool down and then mix one cup with a couple cups of leave-in conditioner and two tablespoons of coffee grounds.

Another option is to shampoo the hair and then pour coffee over. Let it work for twenty minutes before rinsing it off with apple cider vinegar and warm water.

  • Tea

Tea works for natural hair color given that it is less strong than coffee. Black tea is a good way to cover gray hairs and go darker while teas like chamomile work for blondes and rooibos for redheads.

You should use three to five teabags for two cups of water and use them alone or mixed with a conditioner.  Mix in fresh or dried sage if you are trying to cover gray hairs.  Let it work overnight if you want more color. Ultimately, rinse with warm water.

  • Herbs

You can use many different herbs, depending on the color you want to get.

Red:  Use calendula, marigold, rosehips, and hibiscus to deepen the red or add highlights. Simmer the herbs for half an hour, strain and cool down. Pour onto the hair and air dry.

Brunette/Dark: Try rosemary, nettle, and sage. Again, simmer the herbs for half an hour and then strain and cool down. Brush through the hair and leave it on for one hour.

Blonde: Chamomile, calendula, marigold, saffron, and sunflower petals all work here. Rhubarb root can also be added to fight gray hairs.  The procedure is the same as with the herbs above.

  • Beet and Carrot Juice

Beet and carrot juice are an effective way to add red tints to your color. For reddish-orange use more carrot and for more red use more beet juice.

Pour a cup of the juice onto your hair, alone or mixed with coconut oil. Wrap your hair and let the juice work for an hour. Rinse it off and finish with apple cider vinegar spray.

  • Henna

The leaves of this plant have natural pigment which works wonders for your hair. It is ideal for brunettes and redheads since it creates a red-orange color. It is recommended to mix it with chamomile in order to soften the paste.

Mix a cup of henna powder with two cups of lemon juice and leave it for 4-6 hours. Apply onto the hair, wrap with plastic wrap and let it work for at least 3 hours before washing it off.

  • Lemon Juice

Due to its whitening properties, lemon juice is best used for highlights. Spray the juice and brush through the hair. Let it work for a few hours and repeat several times since it works very slowly.

  • Walnut Shells

Walnuts shells are best used for a dark brown color. Simply crush them and boil for half an hour. Let it cool down, strain, and apply onto the hair. Leave it on for an hour before rinsing it off.


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