CONNECT YOUR THUMB with the little finger If you can see this tendon, it means something very special!

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Human kind has been existing for 200,000 years in its present form (Homo sapiens), but before it became what is now, it went through a lot of evolutionary steps to get where it is today.

We can find numerous proofs of this continuous development. There are people who represent this development because it left some marks on us, more than just body hair. Even nowadays, there are rudiments of the so-called humans of the distant past.


The following examples are the most interesting ones:

  1. the tendon in your wrist

Put both of your hands on the table with your palms upwards. Connect your thumb with your little finger and lift your fist a little. Are your tendons visible? In some cases they are, in some not.

Why is this so? Well, the palmaris longus tendon muscle is a muscle positioned between the upper arm and wrist. The wrist movements of this muscle are not longer needed nowadays, so therefore it is not visible more and in thirteen percent of the world population.

What’s interesting is that this muscle does not affect the strength of a person in any way and it does not have any adverse effects, except visually.

1. The pink point in the corner of your eye

You probably have noticed the pink point in the corner of your eye, but you did not know why it is there. Next-to-everyone has this pink point, even though it does not have any function anymore. It is characteristic of the so-called third eyelid, normally seen in reptiles when their eyes are closed. It is a kind of protective layer of the eye. This is a memorial of the evolution, even though it is no longer a protection of the eye, because we emerged the eyelashes.

2. Wiggling ears

The wiggling ears nowadays are only part of a trick or part of the show when someone makes jokes, even though it used to have a very important function. Namely, this can improve the hearing in people, so that they could become able to locate sounds in their environment and recognize danger better and quicker. This is usually a cat characteristic.

3. Wisdom tooth

Have you ever had to remove a wisdom tooth? Well, you are most likely a jinx. Do you wonder what the purpose of these teeth is if they only appear to bother? The answer is concealed in the past, as people in the past used to eat more grass roots and had to chew a lot more. The fact that our food was becoming lighter and softer lead to our jaw becoming smaller, because we did not need all of our teeth anymore. The majority of monkeys and primates also do not have wisdom teeth anymore, but gorillas (vegetarians) still have them.

4. Getting goose bumps

You were cold, or you simply got the goose bumps on your skin because of something else, but some dots appeared on your skin and your hair literally stands upright. Have you ever wondered why this is so? People used to have a real fur, so goosing back then had a real function. namely, once the hair is up, more heat is stored, and in case of a danger of some kind, with their hair up people used to look bigger and more dangerous for potential attackers.

Domestic cats and numerous other animals are now a living proof of this.

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