He Had To Choose Between His wife And Son With Down Syndrome: Here’s Who Decided!

When the baby was born the father was put in a very awkward position – he had to choose between a small son with Down syndrome and his wive. Samuel Forest from New Zealand man who was in his happiest moment, when achieved as a father, he had to choose between his wife and child.

His story is flooded social networks, after his wife left him, only seven days after the birth of a son.

Ruzan Badaljans born Lea almost a year ago and immediately after that she put an ultimatum to her husband – she or the child.

She wanted together with with her husband to leave newborn son because the child was born with Down syndrome. She did not want to touch it and touch it because the Armenian culture such children bring shame to the whole family.

“The doctor left the room with the little boy covered his face. The whole hospital is not allowed to see my son and his wife, “explained Samuel in his interview.

“Then came a doctor who explained to me that my son is something wrong,” he continued dismally your story.

Although this news shocked, said that at no time was not thought to leave little Lea.

“When they took me to see it, I realized it was a beautiful, perfect and that I will keep it,” said Samuel.

After the wife learned that Forest keep son, she left him and divorced just seven days later.

Samuel Forest is normally from New Zealand, but he collected money to the son escape from Armenia.

Currently in Oakland, where trying to make for the future and the education of his son.

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